03 October 2010

Mosaic project--YOU decide!

Trusted friends and unknown readers:

Over the course of the next eight weeks I will be attending a weekly art class on the creation of mosaics. The class is offered by the Art League of Alexandria through the Torpedo Factory. I've always loved mosaics and I have a lot of time on my hands since I finished school. So I figured, "What the hey? I'll take a mosaics class."

My assignment to complete before this Wednesday (6 October) is to bring in a picture of what I want to make my overall project for this class. It can be literally anything. I'm not a skilled artist by any means, of course, so it shouldn't be anything too complicated. But really, I can make whatever I want.

I've narrowed it down to two choices, quite different from one another. I like both ideas, so I thought I'd put it to you, my dear readers, for a vote. Democracy!

Idea 1: I love trees, and I think that tree roots are quite interesting. They're not the subject of art quite as often as their trees' lofty limbs, so I thought it might be cool to do a mosaic study of at least a section of a tree root system. Could be quite lovely. I did a quick Google image search for tree roots, and here's something that at least somewhat represents what I'm thinking:

It's not quite it--I would definitely set the roots in an earthy background (there'd be a lot of brown in this mosaic), and I think I'd make it clear that we're looking at roots by making a basic horizon with a strip of blue sky above the ground.

Idea 2: As most of you know, I love The Beatles. The US release of the cover of their album A Hard Day's Night differed from the UK release in that it took just four of the many images of the band members' faces and then cut them in half, showing the moppy tops of four young lads' heads. Cutting out the album title and focusing in on those iconic coiffures makes for a pretty cool image, and one that would do well in mosaic form, in my opinion:

So what do you think? Idea 1 or Idea 2? Roots or Beatles? Vote in the comments!