21 April 2006

A new creative outlet and a new way to waste time

That's what this is. I'm excited to be one more unknown author in a sea of amateurs that have delusions of a widespread reader base.

In spite of my cynicism: I enjoy writing and I don't do it enough. I also happen to think (this may be a bit presumptuous) that I'm a fairly good writer; at least I can entertain.

Nobody may ever read this. People may read this and then hate it, or think I'm a poor writer and a substandard blogger. It mattereth not. This blog is more for me than anyone else; if somebody likes what I wrote, that will be a bonus.

Read on then and bask in my presumptuousness, or get out.

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Cabezón said...

Does this sound familiar? Probably not. It only would if you had read the first post of my short-lived previous blog, "Movies + Restaurants = Life" (www.circusandbread.blogspot.com). I adapted the first entry because I still felt the same way and I figured that not too many people would realize or be angry with the fact that I plagiarized from myself.

In fact, I will probably practice self-plagiarization off and on throughout this blog. I also post to another blog maintained jointly by a group of my friends. I like some of what I wrote there and I'll probably like some of what I will write. I do/will like it enough to give it a slightly augmented reader base here. Read on.