20 April 2007

I post! I post!

Many of you have been wondering if I would ever post again. Some of you may think that I purposely put off posting to prove a point. Some of you may even think that I simply don’t care any more. Not so! I post!

It seems that my previous musings on not making time for writing inspired my friend Nick, administrator of Salsa Night (the other blog I contribute to), to be a more frequent writer himself. More than that, he invited others to join him in a month-long effort to write something at least once a week for the month of April. Thus began the Salsa Night Month of Writing.

I claimed Mondays and I’ve been posting regularly all month. It only recently occurred to me that I should mention it here.

So if you miss me, or my writing, or if you’re simply bored, feel free to check out any of my posts:

I work best under pressure

Goals, planning, and Free Time

Sounds often heard at my client site

And while you’re there, feel free to peruse around. There’s some good stuff to be found.


The Shark said...

Don't give us that -- we all know why you REALLY haven't been posting. YOU want ME to have an ABORTION!

Cabeza said...

I may have to start mediating my comments again...

JKC said...

I sail! I sail! Dr. Marvin, I'm a sailor, I sail!

Christina said...

All I can really say is 'ugh'. Just reading your posts on "working best under pressure" and related topics gave me a minor anxiety attack. Besides, if I need to lie to myself to reach a deadline, where's the harm in that? Uhhhh, don't answer that.

Anyway, good luck on the last few weeks of your first semester back in school. Time for me to get back to work as well. Ugh.