12 May 2008

Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might

OR Ecclesiastes 9: 10

Finished with finals, I find myself flat-furnished with a fullness of Free Time. Which begs the question: What to do?

I want to make sure that these summer months don't slip past me without a serious effort on my part to make the most of them. Last summer I did some good stuff--I spent Memorial Day weekend at the beach, ran a 10k, visited Utah twice, did some hiking, got heat exhaustion and had to have two bags of fluid pumped into me intravenously, read several books, and put on weight.

Here's what I've got so far for this summer:
  • Exercise regularly to finish recuperating my knee and lose the weight from last summer
  • Read several more books
  • Plant a garden (or at least plant the pots and boxes in my back yard)
  • Play the guitar every day
  • Blog weekly
  • Fine-tune the papers I wrote for my creative nonfiction writing class--have at least one ready to be submitted for publication by the end of the summer
  • Bike the many trails around here--including the length of the Mt. Vernon Trail
  • Get out of the metropolitan area and do some hiking
  • See at least two 80s musical legends in concert (here I come, Yaz and George Michael!)
  • Continue to hone my grilling skills; allow friends to enjoy the meaty fruits
  • Visit Polyface Farms in southern Virginia
  • Find the Darth Vader gargoyle on the National Cathedral
  • Learn to use my cool camera better

Those are a few ideas, anyway. I'm open to suggestions. Anyone? Anyone?


The Shark said...

Reunion tour of NKOTB. 'Nuff said.

Cabeza said...

Don't make me start mediating comments.

Ted said...

Come to Utah and show your family your mad grilling skills.

amanda said...

You could create (or expand) your recipe collection.

You could see Coldplay in concert!

You could also learn how to make ships-in-a-bottle. (That's from one of my favorite episodes of Reading Rainbow. I mean, it's so cool!)

Scott said...

Clean your room.

Warren said...

I haven't been to them, but there are Civil War sites around here that would be good to go to.

Harper's Ferry in West Virginia is also worthwhile to visit and not that far.

Club Narwhal said...

good goals. i like the grilling one. i did not like the phrase "meaty fruits" (it made me uncomfortable, as do words such as "bounteous," "cornucopia," and "loin.")

JKC said...

I second Warren on the civil war sites. Harper's Ferry is really cool and it has the double advantage of both civil war stuff and pre-civil war John Brown stuff. It also has some cool postwar civil rights history with black colleges and stuff.

The Shark said...

Apparently Amy would be uncomfortable around my calves, then, because one of the only ways I know HOW to describe them is "bounteous."

Anne said...

If you ever find the Darth Vader gargoyle will you let me know where it is? I'd kinda like to see it, but I'm a little too lazy to do all the leg work.

Thanks oodles,
a kind stranger