26 January 2009

Snow... snow... snow... snow... SNOW!

So I went out my front door this morning and saw flakes drifting down. Without thinking I said, "Aw, shoot--snow!"

Immediately I realized that 10-year-old Cabeza, if he were here, would be sorely disappointed in what a lame adult I had become. Therefore, I repent of my dread of traffic and ice and embrace the possibility of building a snow man (or maybe a snow toilet (ah, Soutridge)). Let it snow!


Cabeza said...

Of course right after I posted this the snow stopped.


editorgirl said...

Of course it did.

So I had the White Christmas scene in my head before I followed the link--and it's been in my head ever since. At least the snow was "drifting down." In Chicago, the snow comes at you sideways.