01 December 2010

Hell damn World Series

fruitatthebottom.blogspot.com is probably written by a female somewhere between 36-50 years old. The writing style is personal and happy most of the time.

Thank you, urlai.com, for determining that my writing indicates that I'm a middle-aged woman. Apparently this conclusion came from analyzing the text of 24 of my previous posts, including (but not limited to):

1. Roll my blues 11/30/2010
2. Don't call him Shirley 11/29/2010
3. A tale of two turkeys 11/28/2010
4. Two things 11/17/2010
5. Mosaic project--YOU decide! 10/3/2010
6. The bluest skies you've ever seen 1/29/2010
7. Chewing exotic 1/8/2010
8. Bison riding...? 9/2/2009
9. Kitchen fail 9/1/2009
10. Genius 8/5/2009
11. Grilled 6/17/2009
12. Old and cheap 4/30/2009
13. Rush Write 3.23 (on 4.08) 4/8/2009
14. Music of the spheres 3/30/2009
15. Snow... snow... snow... snow... SNOW! 1/26/2009
16. Dreams: Soccer and the LOC 1/15/2009
17. Dreams: Nazis and Lamb 1/12/2009
18. Sweet, sweet freedom 12/11/2008
19. Peace on earth 12/11/2008
20. Feeling scholarly 12/8/2008

So what drove this blog analytics site to determine that my writing is 68% female? I can see that I've got a lot of posts in there about cooking... but two of them deal with outdoor grilling. There's also a post that's based around a speech given by Elizabeth Gilbert. Too bad she's more known for the indulgent feminine anthem Eat, Pray, Love than she is for her chronicle of frontier manliness The Last American Man. There's a post that references a musical, too. Ooo, and "Old and cheap" talks about my inability to resist chocolate. Hmmm. On the other hand, I've got posts in which I discuss:
  • Bison riding (surely a manly American frontier activity)
  • Space exploration
  • A dream involving a raucous game of soccer in the Library of Congress
  • A dream in which I fought Nazi stormtroopers and succumbed to an experiment in self-cannibalism
I don't know, urlai.com. I'd say it's more 50-50.

What would make my writing more masculine? What is urlai.com looking for in a man's writing? More curse words? Sports? Violence? Scratching and burping? I'm seriously not sure.

At the very least, perhaps I can take comfort in the idea that I've overcome gender stereotypes and risen to a higher plateau in my writing. Behold, I am the Transcendental Male Blogger.


Cabeza said...

Special props to anyone who can name the 36-to-50-year-old woman actually pictured in the image in this post.

Ted said...

Don't feel too bad, Jarhead.
Urlai.com thinks that I am a 66-100 year old woman.

I need to start writing more angry posts.

Darrell said...

nice use of the word "raucous".

JKC said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's Hilary Swank.

Amy said...

That picture really resembles you, bro.

Christina said...

Yes, well done metrosexual-blogger-boy. You have arrived. I would say that more explosions, car crashes, sports analogies, references to woman as broads, chicks, babes or dames and to the workings of any and all things electronic/mechanical should do it. Also, that's Flannery O'Connor, dude.

How do I know that? I'm a wicked good researcher.

Warren said...

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Amanda said...

likes Warren's post.

The Shark said...

likes Amanda's post.