17 November 2010

Two things

Thing 1:

I never got back to you, dear readers, about the results of my mosaics project vote-off. So technically the Beatles won out, what with a couple of Facebook votes and a text message that put the U.S. cover of A Hard Day's Night over the line.

However, when I showed up to class with a large printout of the image, my teacher immediately nixed the idea, saying it would be too difficult for a beginner such as myself.

So you would think I would default to the roots... but no. I went a totally different direction. Well, not TOTALLY different.

Behold: The Apple Records logo! A-side and B-side! Yeah, it's still The Beatles, but a bit more abstractly. I'm doing both images side-by-side--sort of a diptych, but without the hinge.

The project is coming along nicely and should be done in a few weeks. I'll be sure to post pictures when I'm done so you can all see the results.

Thing 2:

I have fallen out of the habit of writing. And I'm not just talking about the gross understatement that that would be about this blog. I mean that since I graduated in May, I have done almost no writing at all. Maybe chalk it up to wanting a brief break after all the paper writing that made up my graduate career? Whatever the cause, it is time for the dearth to end and for me to start composing again. I've been pondering ways to get back into it, and it seems to me that blogging would be a healthy exercise.


In order to jump-start this renaissance, I am proposing to allow you--my few, faithful readers who have decided to revisit this page--to choose a series of topics for me. The idea is that your topics will stretch me and help me to think outside myself again--to think more like a writer, that is. There is no limit to what you may suggest as a topic, or even as a genre. Fiction? Sure! Biography? Definitely. Poetry? I'm willing to give it a shot. Literary criticism? Try me.

Please place your suggestions for topics and/or genres in the comments below and I'll start working on them as soon as time permits. You know, if I happen to have some downtime at work or some oddity like that.


Christina said...

First of all, when do you EVER have time for something like this at work?

Second, I think you should write about some really important things. For instance, is Goofy really a dog and if so, then what the heck is Pluto? Mmmm, also...how about you visit some local museums (I think the greater DC area has one or two of those) and you critique the displays, art, exhibits, etc. You did something like this w/ Farmer's Markets and I think it would be fun to do w/ museums. I'd even be willing to go along for added perspective. And yes, I like the very broad and very nondescript topic of poetry. Ready? Write.

Carlos the Great said...

I wanna hear some Harry Potter fanfic, Gillins style...

Darrell said...


PS Have you read 'In Defense of Food'?

JBod said...

I'm thinking a political sci-fi thriller with elements of magical realism. Or an epic fantasy.

I'm not being entirely serious.

JBod said...

Magical realism would be cool, though.

Ted said...

Sounds like a perfect time to produce your Manifesto. Just don't move to a cabin in the Montana wilderness to do so.

Warren said...

You should write more plays and put them up scene by scene on your blog

Club Narwhal said...

I'm for the Manifesto, too. But as for something that could kill time at work, check out these AWESOME images of the NYC Natural History Museum: http://images.library.amnh.org/photos/ptm/browse/4. Find one that jumps out at you (like the deflated elephant skin) and write a flash essay or fiction about the history of the subjects in your chosen image. Wikipedia research is fully allowed.